New investment is needed to drive PN6047’s progress towards human trials and we have, over the past few months, had additional financial input from a number of private and industrial investors. We now seek larger scale investment and/or a partnership with Pharma to facilitate this development.

Since 2008 PharmNovo has developed  novel molecules which are highly selective, potent and  effective in animal models of chronic pain. We have designed compounds with ligand bias which means that they have a very favourable activity profile with none of the unwanted effects characteristic of conventional opioids that act mainlyRead More →

PN6047 is a delta opioid receptor agonist that signals in a biased fashion. PharmNovo is currently working with Prof Eamonn Kelly’s group in the University of Bristol to unravel the mechanisms of biased delta opioid signalling using advanced phosphoproteomic analysis. Some of the properties of PN6047 will be presented atRead More →

There is currently a worldwide epidemic of opioid toxicity and dependence caused by inappropriate prescription of conventional, non-selective opioid analgesics. PharmNovo’s development of the novel safe and very selective delta opioid receptor agonist PN6047 could provide a much needed alternative for chronic pain therapy. PharmNovo plans to advance into PhaseRead More →

The advantages of substituting delta opioid agonist drugs such as PN6047 for the problematic conventional opioid analgesics in chronic pain therapy were presented by Bengt von Mentzer at the Arena Nordics Clinical Conference in Copenhagen, October 10-11 2017.

PharmNovo will be contributing to the 6th International Congress on Neuropathic Pain which will be held in Gothenburg on 15th-18th June. Please visit us at the meeting to get the latest news on PN6047 our biased signalling delta opioid receptor agonist designed to treat chronic pain with minimal side effects.