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PharmNovo combines smart chemistry and bioscience to discover new medicines to treat diseases of the nervous system
PharmNovo blends academic and industrial expertise to bring safe and effective medicines to the marketplace
Development of novel receptor agonists and antagonists to treat chronic pain and related CNS disorders
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3 November, 2016

The company plans to progress the PN6047 project into GLP regulatory toxicology as soon as investment allows. The drug, which potently targets chronic pain states, has shown good efficacy in multiple preclinical models and high dose multiple administration studies have revealed no safety concerns. The project is described in the Life Sciences in Sweden book…

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9 October, 2016

On 20th October, at the Franco-Swedish Life Science Day in Paris, PharmNovo give a pitch presenting the biased  delta opioid receptor agonist PN6047 to potential investors. This was well received and we await feedback from interested parties.

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