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PharmNovo combines smart chemistry and bioscience to discover new medicines to treat diseases of the nervous system
PharmNovo blends academic and industrial expertise to bring safe and effective medicines to the marketplace
Development of novel receptor agonists and antagonists to treat chronic pain and related CNS disorders
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27 March, 2016

On the 4-7th April 2016, CEO Bengt Von-Mentzer will travel to Bio-Europe. Pharmnovo has a candidate drug, PN6047 (a novel delta-opioid compound), in late preclincal phase aiming towards phase I in 2017. The Company is actively seeking collaboration and investment. Meet us at the Bio-Europe.

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26 March, 2016

Pharmnovo in collaboration with the University of Nottingham and the University di Compostella has been awarded a Marie-Curie funding over three years to study formulations of biased and selective delta opioid receptor agonists. In addition, Pharmnovo together with academics from the University of Bristol has received Medical Research Council funding over three years to study biased and selective delta…

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