Hans G Nilsson (PhD), has served as business advisor to Pharmnovo since 2008.
He has more than 25 years of experience within Astra/AstraZeneca in different managerial positions. After 10 years within the Gastrointestinal R&D unit in Mölndal, Sweden he moved to the USA. He established the companies research presence in Boston with the creation of Astra Research Center Boston in Cambridge Massachusetts, where he served as president. After nine years in the Boston area he move to a position as VP Internal Control, in charge of the research and development areas and some other organizational units.
After retirement he has served as chairman of the board of Kanozi Architects for eight years.


peter_webb Peter Friberg is Professor of Clinical Physiology at Göteborg University, and senior consultant, clinical physiology/internal medicine (hypertension clinic). Prof. Friberg has several awards in circulation and hypertension. He has also been elected as a member of several clinical boards including the Swedish Society of Medicine and chairman of its research committeé, 2003-2008, faculty board, Sahlgrenska Academy, Göteborg University 2003-2007 and president of the Swedish Society of Clinical Physiology 2006-2007. Director of Swedish Investigation for Global Health Transformation at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences” with support from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (The Lancet, vol 384,  March 4, 2017, page 893).


PvM Per von Mentzer has served as a Business Advisor to Pharmnovo since beginning of 2018.
He has 30 years experience from International business in various industries and has vast experience in developing and transforming mid-size businesses. In 2003-07 Per was VP Marketing & Sales for Nybron Flooring, European market leader in parquet flooring, with HQ in Switzerland and during 2008-17 he was CEO at Elfa International with HQ in Malmö.

Per holds as Bachelor´s degree in International Business Administration from the University of Lund. In his free time he enjoys traveling and exploring interesting places with his family, reading and art. Per is also a passionate sports person with tennis, skiing and yoga as main interests.


PvM Dr. Anthony P.D. Ford, Ph.D. co-founded Afferent Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in 2009 and served as its Chief Scientific Officer until it’s take over by Merck in 2016.Dr. Ford has more than 20 years of research and development experience at Roche (where he served as Vice President) Syntex and Afferent, having led the progression of several novel drug candidates into early clinical development, focused particularly in the areas of pain and genitourinary therapeutics. He was also responsible for the development of AF-219, a selective P2X3 antagonist for the treatment of pathologic cough. Dr. Ford was trained in neuropharmacology and holds a Ph.D. from the University of Nottingham (UK).



Göran Lerenius Göran Lerenius has a Juris Dr degree 1976 from University of Lund. After court law clerk work he worked as an associate at the law firm Linklaters (Lagerlöf at that time) in Stockholm for almost two years before joining Astra AB as Legal Counsel in 1980. Göran was General Counsel in 1984 – 1999 and Company Secretary of Astra AB 1988 -1999. When Astra Zeneca Ltd was formed in 1999 Göran served as General Counsel Pharmaceuticals through 2008 and finished his career with the company as Deputy General Counsel IP Litigation until retirement early 2012. Göran was a Non-Executive Director of Astra Merck, Inc in the US 1994-1998 and is Senior Advisor to HealthCap Venture Capital Funds since 2009.