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PharmNovo was established in 2008 combining smart science, clever chemistry and a desire to discover better ways of combating chronic pain and other inadequately treated diseases of the nervous system.

There are a number of projects in the PharmNovo pipeline:

  1. Development of a series of very selective biased agonists of the delta opioid receptor. Our candidate drug is PN6047.
  2. Development of small peptide CGRP receptor antagonists aimed primarily at migraine therapy.

These projects are conducted in collaboration with leading academic and industrial chemists and pharmaceutical scientists. Project 1 is at a late pre-clinical stage with the aim of introducing PN6047 into phase I studies during 2019.

Project 2 is at an earlier stage of development but, with support from Innovate UK, we have begun to develop cutting edge formulations of small peptide CGRP antagonists designed to be used for nasal administration to combat acute migraine attacks.